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Youth ministry exists to provide age-appropriate relevance that helps youth in their walk of faith with Christ.

Our Youth ministry is a large focus here at House Of Purpose. We understand that the youth are the basis of not only our future congregation, but the leaders of the world. We aim to develop them into young men & women who passionately pursue a strong relationship with God.

We offer opportunities for youth to develop a personal Holy spirituality and prayer life, share their gifts, enhance a positive self-image, and apply biblical faith to daily life. We are committed to helping youth intensify their personal relationship with Jesus through the Word, experience, and participating in the Church's mission.

In a world where many give total disregard to the Lord, we unapologetically emphasize embedding His Word in the youth at an early age so they will walk with Him forever. The Youth ministry focuses on children, pre-teens & teens aged from 3 - 18. We schedule trainings, events, and outings that help the youth to gain a better understanding of God and His purpose for their lives.

We encourage youth to find themselves through daily exploration of their faith. Led adults with a great understanding of the Word, their faith and how to generally relate to the a younger generation, the Youth ministry is a great opportunity for all to get involved.

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