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Youth Church exists as a youth-centric extension of House Of Purpose, creating an atmosphere that fosters the spiritual development of youth (ages 3-12).

Our ministry is geared towards those between the ages of 3-12. However, we actively seek for anyone above those ages to be involved with leadership roles with the kids. Our main duties include sharing the word of God with the youth guiding them down the path to Christ. We eagerly want the youth to find their identity in Christ through this ministry.

Youth Church is typically held on Sunday mornings as an alternate service geared towards a younger generation. The key to our ministry being successful is the help of conscientious adults who are aware of God's presence and how to communicate that awareness to children and pre-teens.

Everyone involved in our ministry displays their love for youth and has a creative mindset when it comes to relating to them. If that's you, you would fit right in.

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