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A group that believes in the power of prayer!

Prayer Team exists as intercessory prayer warriors for/with those who are in need of prayer and are willing to engage its power.

As we all know, frequent prayer is imperative for enhancing our relationship with Christ. Whether we always acknowledge it or not, being in constant communication with the Lord through prayer has allowed us to reap many benefits that we are undeserving of.

Within the Prayer Team ministry, we recognize the power of prayer and what it does for us all on the daily basis. We are a team that is devoted to promoting the importance of prayer in our lives. Our ministry will give you biblical direction on how, when and where to pray. We often get together to pray as a group, pray on a conference call over the phone, or pray with those we may not know in the community.

The act of prayer is our foundation in this ministry. Through this fervent act, we develop a stronger relationship with Christ, learn how to communicate with Him and become more aware of His presence. Let's continue to uplift each other through heartfelt prayer, together!

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