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M.O.V.E. exists to show, attract and multiply the population of demonstrative males that are willing to advance the kingdom agenda without apology way of example to young men. This ministry serves as a conduit into Godly manhood.

The focus of this ministry is the holistic development of young men under the age of 21 yrs. MOVE helps to arm young men with the tools and insights necessary to be productive in the Kingdom of God and fulfill the mission of our church: “To employ and implement the Kingdom Agenda and commit others to do the same.” With all that is in place to cripple the lives of young men before they realize their strength, MOVE counters this act of spiritual genocide the power of the Holy Spirit.

Regular teachings, field trips, role play and mentoring are but a few avenues used to empower the lives of young men that they may live out their God-given potential.

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